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2017 ACX

20 Nov 2013, 11:42 AM

2017 ACX

Race performance without cams. The AC-X is developed to be the fastest sail on the water, without having a wide mast sleeve and cambers. The high-end performance will give you the high speed that you have always dreamed about with minimal effort and easy handling characteristics. Lightness and high-end performance of the sail even further in over-powered conditions. Power and enhanced stability in both low and high wind conditions combined with a very locked-in feeling only comparable to a cambered sail.



If cambered sails are not your cup of tea, then the sheer performance specs and look of the AC-X 5G should be the one for you, that is if you are up or it! Already a magazine test winner in 2014, the AC-X 5g development team focused on improving the fine-tuning of this storical sail model from Point-7. It’s all down to the small details when targeting for the perfect product. New lighter battens help bringing this dragster to be one of the lightest sails on the market, of its type. New batten tensioners for cleaner release, and again reducing weight.



  • Light lighter lightest
  • No-cam slalom sail
  • Easy to rig, easy to sail
  • Forgives in jibes
  • 7 tubolar battens
  • Full anti uv-monofilm

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