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07 May 2013, 04:12 AM


Lighter, stronger, more performing. We can use lot of adjectives to describe our RDM 100, but we can only say that this is the most performing RDM mast on the market. The mast has a real 100% carbon content powered by the latest Japanese pre-preg carbon technology. This mast has been particularly engineered to fit the latest Freestyle sails, the higher carbon content will help you in getting planning earlier. The boom area is protected by the exclusive carbon & polymer shield to avoid overstress from the boom front. This mast has also the autoclave consistency production process, this is available to very few companies and involves curing the carbon under high pressure, literally driving tiny air bubbles that cause imperfections out of the mast. The RDM 100 line has the exclusive process of the Aero Sanding Joint where the joint is sanded by air-pressure to ensure that the joint is grinded the same on all the surface avoiding the stuck of the pieces. The entire shape is a mixing of conical and cylindrical geometry to ensure full power and reflex.


Exclusive feature of Speed line:

  • - JAP Pre-preg carbon Fiber
  • - PROTECTED Carbon-Polymer Boom area

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